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READ ALL: the cars in this area are in need of some attention. They did not make our "1st cut" to ship to our customers. We usually bring these to shows so people can actually see them, as they may have a "combination" of maybe a small paint scratch, factory touch up, a part off (sometimes in the box), or may have an ugly box, or no box. We here feel no 1:18 car is 100% perfect, but these may have more imperfections than "normal". We try to describe each one as best possible, and they are discounted to save you money - if you want to repair it yourself, or live with it. The cars in this area are sold "as is" with no returns. They usually are not horrible cars, just cars that may need some attention, or display as is. We will send the best one we have. Want to save some money?

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1951 Henry J Gasser "Hyper Henry" Brown (510 made) Last Few!
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1951 Henry J Gasser "Hyper Henry" Brown (510 made) Last Few!

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#5097asis (READ ALL) the '51 Henry J Gasser as "HYPER HENRY" with the box art shown below.  There are tons of new parts (near $50,000 in...
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