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(1a) Set of 4 Mopar Ralley Wheels/Tires by GMP

Price: $14.95
  • Model: 18861
  • Order for Future Delivery


#18861 - expected September (delivery updated 4/23/18) are these are sets of 4 Mopar Rallye Wheels/Tires, as on the Purple '70 Super Bee to be made. Modifications may be needed to install on other cars, so some modeling experience could be needed to install them. WILL HAVE Goodyear Polyglass tires on the 1:18 scale ones. Now expected possibly in September. You can reserve these now and credit cards are not charged until we are shipping them to you. Shipping is FREE if sent in box along with any 1:18 car coming to you near their arrival. If sent on their own it's $7.95 to US48 (for 1-3 sets), $9.95 to US48 (4-6 sets), or to Canada $10.95 (1 set), or $16.95 (2-3 sets).

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Saturday 15 September, 2018.