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(1a) Set of 4 Chrome T-Thrust Drag Tires (no letters) Hwy61

Price: $14.95
  • Model: 1806503Wc
  • In Stock


#1806503Wc - IN STOCK the 1:18 scale set of 4 CHROME Torque Thrust wheels & tires like on the new Red Mr Norm Blown Altered Wheelbase '65 Dodge. It's four CHROME Torque Thrust style 5 spoke mag wheels, two (2) with old style slicks with the outer edge of the sidewall ribbed (no lettering) and two (2) with skinny front tires, all mounted and ready to install. They have valve stems, the chrome center caps are seperate pieces to glue on (or not) and they are a nicely detailed set of wheels & tires. Some modeling experience is required, especially if using on cars other than the Hwy 61 '65 Dodge & Plymouths. Shipping is FREE if sent in box along with any 1:18 car coming to you soon. If sent on their own it's $7.95 to US48 (for 1-3 sets), $9.95 to US48 (4-6 sets), or to Canada $10.95 (1 set), or $16.95 (2-3 sets). These are here in stock and ready to ship to you now.