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(1) 1:18 Wheels & Tires Atlas Mags as on New '67 Yenko's!

Price: $14.95
  • Model: 1805708w
  • Order for Future Delivery


#1805708w - expected April 10th area are new Wheel & Tire Sets (separate) as on the two '67 Yenko Camaro "Street Versions" that we are having made. Modifications may be needed to install on other cars, so some modeling experience could be needed to install them. Shipping for these to the USA 48 is $9.95 for 1-4 sets, or $14.95 for any amount over 4 sets, or out of USA please inquire for shipping prices on how many sets you want. You may pre-order these now. These are expected to be here in the April 10th area. Now "how many sets" do you want?

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Tuesday 10 April, 2018.