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1955 Chrysler Ghia Falcon Concept Car (One Left)!

Price: $339.00
  • Model: 107143030
  • In Stock


#107143030 - IN STOCK in 1:18 scale is the very cool 1955 Chrysler Falcon concept car. The below is on the inside cover of the box, so you will always have this information.

This car was a two seater, with a long hood and short deck, considered a sport convertible, and is noted for its "pure automobile" shapes like its prominent grille, and exposed side exhaust pipes.

The prototype egg crate grille was later adapted for the 1957-59 Chrysler 300s, while some side-mounted exhaust was eventually used many years after this, on the Dodge Vipers. 

So it would have been a Mopar reply so to speak, to both the Corvette and the Thunderbird. Mini-Champs has made this cool MOPAR in 1:18 scale Resin (closed car) in a very Light Green Metallic, with just 999 made. We do now have just one left in stock, and it's ready to ship to you. Very cool!