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1970 Superbird S/Stock - Sox & Martin (Black-Chrome) Located One

Price: $199.95
  • Model: 29353pb
  • In Stock


#29353pb is - IN STOCK in 1:18 scale is the harder to find Black-Chrome 1970 Superbird Super/Stock car of Sox & Martin. Features race day paint (Red & Blue) on a special Black-Chrome finish with just 504 produced. It has an opening hood, a 426 Hemi with plug wires, opening doors, a tach on the dash, and made as a Limited Edition for Supercar Collectibles back in 2004. Below is a "upper" photo of it in the box, showing the black-chrome area (where white usually is).

We had been sold out of these for several years, but Supercar Collectibles has recently bought some older 1:18 cars. We do now have just one of these, and it's here in stock ready to ship to you.