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1953 Concept car - GM Firebird 1 (Have One)!

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  • Model: 121806r
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#121806r IN STOCK in 1:18 scale is the resin replicar of the 1953 GM Firebird 1 Concept car. By 1953 the General Motors research team had produced the Firebird XP-21 later referred to as the Firebird I, which was essentially a low drag jet airplane on wheels. It was the first gas turbine powered car tested in the USA. 

The design was entirely impractical, with a bubble top canopy over a single seat cockpit, a bullet shaped fuselage made entirely of fiberglass, with short wings, and a vertical tail fin. It has a 370 hp Whirlfire Turbo Power gas turbine engine, which has two speeds, and expels jet exhaust at some 1,250 °F (677 °C). The entire weight of the car is 2,500 lb and it had a 100 inch wheelbase. Now available in 1:18 scale resin by Sunrich, with just 2,000 units produced. NOTE: These are sold out at the manufacturer, and we have just 1 left now. Additional more photo below... want a truly historic car?