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1938-47 John Cobb's Railtom Mobile Special Land Speed Car (one)

Price: $249.95
  • Model: R18502
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#R18502 - JUST 1 LEFT! This is the LAND SPEED RECORD car of John Cobb, the "Railton Mobil Special" is 19" long!

It's a sealed body resin 1:18 scale car like the Challenger-I and II previous Land Speed Record cars, and weighs a full 10 pounds! Cobb ran this historic car from 1938 until 1947 setting numerous records. This photo (below) shows the driver cockpit area, and of course the famous Mobil Flying Horse.

He pushed the Land Speed Record up twice, with a final record setting run of 394.20 in 1947. Later that same year he had a fatal accident attempting to add the water speed record to his list of accomplishments. Cobb's 1947 record would hold 16 years until 1963. We do have these here (just 2) in stock, and one is ready to ship to you now. A real part of history.