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1952 Hudson #6 Stock Car (Barrett Jackson Car)

Price: $124.95
  • Model: Hwy18009
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#Hwy18009 - expected February (added here 9/01/17) is a great looking 1952 Hudson #6 Race Car as driven by Marshall Teague Dick Rathman, as it was sold at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale in 2017.

*These photo's are of a similar previously made car*. Under the hood the motor is very well detailed with plug wires, heater hoses, battery cables, and the chassis is also detailed, and has a rotating driveshaft. The trunk also has the floor mat, a jack, and spare tire.

The 1:18 version features real chrome moldings, fully lettered race day paint, and is a very detailed car made by GreenLight Collectibles using the Die Cast Promotions / Highway 61 tooling they acquired. It will also come in B-J theme packaging.

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Thursday 15 February, 2018.