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(1) 1:18 Wheels & Tires Slot Mag (Polished) as on '41 Willys

Price: $14.95
  • Model: 1800908w
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#1800908W - Unknown when (delivery updated 10/9/17) are these Wheel & Tire sets as on the KS Pittman '41 Willys made by ACME. China didn't make these when the car as made, so now delayed until the next '41 Willys is made (unknown at this time). These sets are to have the fully "polished aluminum" look, and shipping to the USA 48 is $9.95 for 1-4 sets, or $14.95 for any amount over 4 sets, or out of USA please inquire for shipping prices on how many sets you want. You may pre-order these now. It is unknown exactly when these are to be made, however you may reserve some for when they are produced. So "how many" will you want?

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Thursday 15 March, 2018.