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(1a) Set of 4 Cragar S/S with Slicks by ACME/Hwy61

Price: $14.95
  • Model: 1807004w
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#1807004w - expected late September (updated 9/6/17) is the aftermarket Cragar wheel & tire sets as on the Blue & White #1807004 Belair. Some modeling experience is required, especially if using on cars other than the GMP Camaro's. Free shipping to the US48 if sent along with any 1:18 car coming to you soon. If sent on their own it's $7.95 to US48 (for 1-3 sets), $9.95 to US48 (4-6 sets), or to Canada $10.95 (1 set), or $16.95 (2-3 sets). You can pre-order (reserve) these now, with delivery expected near the end of September.  

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Friday 29 September, 2017.