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(1a) Set of 4 Black Drag Style Wheels/Tires (GMP tooling)

Price: $14.99
  • Model: 18894
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#18894 - expected December (added 8/11/17 with partial information) are sets of four drag style tires with Gloss Black wheels as on the #18881 King Snake "1320 Series" 1993 Mustang made by GreenLight, using the extremely detailed GMP tooling. This artwork is all we have at this time, but at least you can see they will be big's and little's.

These may not be a direct install for other cars, and some modeling experience will be needed. That truly is all we know right now. If you know you will want some, at this time you can Pre-Order these. We here post this information as soon as we hear about it, will update it as soon as possible, so truly would appreciate your order here where you find out this information. No credit cards are charged until the wheel/tire sets are shipping, and these are possibly expected in December.

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Saturday 16 December, 2017.