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Mr Norm "Crystal Collectible" 1968 AA/FCar

Price: $29.95
  • Model: C68aafc
  • In Stock


#C68aafc -†Introducing the new Mr. Normís Limited Edition Cut Crystal Collectibles, each†represents a milestone in the Mr. Normís Grand Spaulding Dodge legacy, with only 900 serial numbered pieces made. This one features the legendary Supercharged Mr Norm1968 Dodge Charger AA/Funny Car, one of Mr. Normís most famous super fuel funny cars is captured smokiní the hides, on its way to defeating all competitors when it won the hotly contested 1969 Coca Cola Cavalcade of Stars Championship. These are completely CLEAR†and†2.25" tall x 3.10" long x 1.15" thick, and can be displayed ALONE, oras shown in the dark on a†"blue light"†display base,†or on a "white/clear light" display base (optional bases come with AC†adapter) with either display base being available - seperate - at an additional cost.NOTE: The price of $29.95 is for the "clear" crystal cut piece only. You may also order the $9.95 base to get the lighted display base/color of your choice if you wish. We do have just a very few of these†here in stock now†and ready to ship to you now.