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Mr Norm "Crystal Collectibles" 3 LOGO Crystal

Price: $29.95
  • Model: C3logo
  • In Stock


#C3logo -†Introducing the new Mr. Normís Limited Edition Cut Crystal Collectibles, each†represents a milestone in the Mr. Normís Grand Spaulding Dodge legacy, with only 900 serial numbered pieces made. This one has 3 distinctive images on this commemorative crystal - The legendary Mr. Normís Grand Spaulding Dodge Sport Club emblem - the Flying Ram that graced the sides of Mr. Normís early racing vehicles - and the world famous likeness of Mr. Norm that was featured on all Grand Spaulding Dodge advertising during the heyday of the muscle car. These are completely CLEAR†and†2.25" tall x 3.10" long x 1.15" thick, and can be displayed ALONE, oron a†"blue light"†display base,†or as shown on a "white/clear light" display base (optional bases - come with AC†adapter) with either display base being available - seperate - at an additional cost. NOTE: The price of $29.95 is for the "clear" crystal cut piece only. You may also order the $9.95 base to get the lighted display base/color of your choice if you wish. We do have just a very few of these†here in stock now†and ready to ship to you now.