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1951 Henry J Gasser "Hyper Henry" Brown (510 made) Last Few!

Price: $129.95  $99.95
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  • Model: 5097asis
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#5097asis (READ ALLthe '51 Henry J Gasser as "HYPER HENRY" with the box art shown below. 

There are tons of new parts (near $50,000 in new tooling?) including straight axle, springs, steering, fenderwell headers, motor parts, race seats & belts, roll bar, shifter, steering wheel, tach, rear mounted battery, front tank, and more. Blown 426 Hemi engine


Also has race ready interior, fenderwell headers, and underneath the chassis looks good too.


External fuel tank is up front too.


Remember every single real Henry J Gasser was different than the next one, and these 1:18 versions will be "tribute cars" as any manufacturer can't make every single different style part. Yet they are pretty cool.

It will represent this type car well in your drag car collection, and actually, we find it hard to believe they only made 510 pieces of this. Addition photo below, then a little more information.


NOTE: These last few that we have in stock are not the "best" examples, but may be acceptable to you. What we mean is they have either a minor paint issue, hood fit issue (display it up?) or something else is not 100% right with them. They are not horrible and do display fairly well, just not perfect under close examination. These last few cars are here in stock with one ready to ship to you now. They are sold "as is" and have a discount to compensate you. Last ones!