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1966 Nova (Supercar LE) Grumpy's Toy - White

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  • Model: CP5982
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#CP5982 (please read all) this is Bill Grumpy Jenkins 1966 Nova in White with just 1,002 units made worldwide. The real Red car was wrecked on the return trip from an event, so a White car was quickly bought, received the drivetrain, and finished up the 1966 season running in A/S class. This White car was the 1st in a long line of "White" Grumpy's Toy cars, a trend that lasted several years. Bill later ran this car in SS/C during the 1967 season, and this is the way the 1:18 car is being replicated by AutoWorld - for Supercar Collectibles.


These have opening hood, opening doors, and an opening trunk. It has a 327/350hp motor, detailed with 4 tube headers, spark plug wires, a single four barrel with a velocity stack, and paint detailed altenator, battery caps, carburator, and radiator cap. The red interior has a bench seat, carpeting, 4 speed, and a tach on the dash. It also has an opening trunk, the chassis is black with a silver fuel tank, and a pair of black traction bars, leaf springs, and "scuffed" Firestone slicks.  

With no Grumpy cars done in a while we figured we should get these made, but did not know they may be the last ones produced. Supercar Collectibles did the research for this project, signed a contract with Grumpy and paid him licensing, then placed the order with the manufacturer for these limited edition 1:18 die cast drag cars of his. With Bill's passing on 03/29/12 these will be the last 1:18 cars licensed and actually approved by Bill himself.