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1965 Dodge "The Honker" Bud Faubel (Supercar LE)

Price: $129.95
  • Model: 50801
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#50801 - Pennsylvania's Favorite - Bud Faubel's 1965 Dodge Coronet "The Honker" AFX car. NOTE: We are very sorry to report that Bud passed away 12/13/13 at 84 years old. May he R.I.P. 

The black & white photo is original owner Bud Faubel in the car, when picking it up at the delivery point in 1965. The color photo is Supercar Collectibles Jim Thoren (VP) sitting in it at a Detroit area car show. The story is told Bud drove the car from Michigan back to the shop in Pennsylvania? If that's really true, the things one could get away with back in '65...? 
This 1965 Dodge Coronet Altered Wheelbase car "The Honker" is extremely detailed. Pull the real metal hood pins for the lift off hood, to see a tall stack fuel injected race Hemi, complete with throttle linkage, plug wires, fuel lines, injector pump, coil wire, tach drive cable, and even a real metal brake line up to the master cylinder.
The factory beige interior was changed (to red & white) and this replica single seat interior features real cloth seat belts, a tach on the column, carpeted no rear seat area, with a red roll bar, and even has the pull handle & cable for the parachute. It has the moved forward K-member, open headers, rotating driveshaft, real metal leaf springs, opening trunk with the big truck battery, plus battery cables. As we said, these are very detailed Mopar drag cars.
Produced by Die Cast Promotions / Highway 61 as a Limited Edition for Supercar Collectibles with just 600 cars madeThis car has a lot of history... as it's one of the factory originals, and it's restored and shown today. This 1:18 replica has it all, and is here in stock ready to ship to you now. Want one?