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1965 Dodge "Landy's Dodge" Fuel Injected (One Available)

Price: $209.95
  • Model: 50799
  • In Stock


#50799 - JUST ONE LEFT - This is the 1:18 replica of the Fuel Injected Dandy Dick Landy / Automotive Research 1965 Altered Wheelbase AFX car. Changes from the carburated cars are: Dark Torque Thrust mags, no hood scoop, fuel injection, blue tinted windows, parachute, and it's a dual headlamp car.

This AWB 1965 Coronet is Silver & Mat-Black, as owned / driven by Dandy Dick Landy. This 1:18 scale car (11.25" long) is extremely detailed. You pull the real metal hood pins for the lift off hood, to see the detailed tall stack fuel injected race Hemi. It has plug wires, fuel lines, injector pump, throttle linkage, and even a real metal brake line to the master cylinder.
The factory beige single seat race interior features cloth seat belts, carpeted no rear seat area, white roll bar, pushbutton shift, parachute pull handle, and even the holes drilled in the side glass (air flow) are replicated, as are the built in dash gauges. It has the moved forward K-member, open headers, rotating driveshaft, real metal leaf springs, no stock gas tank (and aftermarket one was tucked under front radiator tie bar - not visable), and has an opening trunk, with the big truck battery, plus battery cables. As we said, these ARE very very detailed.
These very cool Mopar is produced by Die Cast Promotions / Highway 61 as a Limited Edition for Supercar Collectibles. Just one left now, with one more photo below...