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1971 Camaro Funny Car "Jungle Jim" - Blue

Price: $89.95
  • Model: AW1112
  • In Stock


#AW1112 - This is the 1:18 scale "JUNGLE JIM" CAMARO, and it just could be the Funny Car most everyone WANTS to have! Made by AutoWorld, this is the very 1st Camaro of their new "Legends of the 1/4 Mile" series... a "must have" for many of you. 

AutoWorld realizes Jungle Jim ran this car in may different paint schemes, and this is the one produced. Sometimes sponsors can't agree on licensing fee's, but here is a photo of the real car in the same paint...

Looks correct, right down the red roll bar...

Since the real funny cars had fiberglass bodies, these do have plastic bodies, to replicate the real car "as close as possible". They do have a die cast chassis, real rubber tires, zoomie headers, seat belts, and the supercharged engines are completely plumbed and wired. We think it's a very good price for these, as it's a very well detailed 1:18 scale "lift up body" funny car. Just found one more photo...

These are now here in stock and we can ship your order right away! Want one?