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1971 Plymouth "Dukes of Hazzard" Daisy Car!

Price: $89.95
  • Model: AWSS105
  • In Stock


#AWSS105 - is a 1971 Plymouth Satelitte "Tribute Car" from the "Dukes of Hazzard" TV show.

Driven by Daisy - before the boys drove it off a cliff! Now in 1:18 scale using the Ertl Elite mold, this 1:18 scale car features opening hood, opening doors, opening trunk, and a CB antenna of course!

Above photo car all opened up, and below closed up...

This cool Mopar is here in stock and ready to ship to you now. NOTE: All cars are missing the rear 1/4 interior trim panels, so the body color shows. AutoWorld (manufacturer) now knows this (we told them) but what's done is done. They didn't notice it until all orders were shipped, and they are not to be remade. See below.

Remember, this photo was taken up close and with a flash, so it really in person does not stand out that much. If you can live with this, they are a nice looking 1:18 scale Dukes of Hazzard car to get. They are now here in stock and ready to ship to you. And... it's a Daisy" car!