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1969 Nova Blown Super/Street Yenko - Steel Cities Blue!

Price: $109.95
  • Model: 18809
  • In Stock


#18809 - IN STOCK in 1:18 scale ONLY 1 LEFT! This is our Limited Edition Super Street 1969 Yenko Nova, and we feel it's pretty cool wicked mean nasty looking. Not made as a car built back in the day, this is built as it could be created today! Only 420 cars made, and these photo's are as close to the true color "Steel Cities Blue" as we can provide. We hope you like it!

These are some photo's of the car without the hood, wheelie bars, and parachute. How about the "stance" with the new Drag Star wheels and Goodyear Eagle drag tires?

Using the recently recovered GMP closed door mold, the new parts also include a flat lift off hood with Yenko stripes and cut out for the blower, plus a real metal rear wing, and hole in the bumper for the parachute mount.


It has a monster tach on the dash, nitrous bottle between the seats, sYc on the headrests, roll bar, and rear seat delete. The supercharged big blocks has headers, plug wires, braided fuel lines, MSD ignition, optima battery with cables, and even the brand/part number on the blower belt!


Chassis photo show the open headers, traction bars, electric fuel pump, large fuel filter, and is shown without the wheelie bars.

The car really looks good from the back too...

Below see it with the parachute mount to slide in, and the wheelie bars installed. Just so you know, the very small wheelie bar "wheels" do rotate too.

One has to admit it does have "the look" of a pretty darn cool Chevy. These come in a very protective Styrofoam clamshell type box, in black with a Supercar Collectibles logo on it. The "last ones" are here in stock ready to ship to you now.