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2018 Calendar "American Musclecars"

Price: $7.99
  • Model: 50799cal
  • In Stock


#50799cal - IN STOCK this is a nice size 7" x 7" 16 month calendar Sept '17 to Dec '18 that we feel should truly please many of you. There are 5 Mopars, 2 AMC's, 2 Mustangs, and 1 each of Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, Chevrolet, and Mercury. Sorry this photo is not more clear, but it gives you an idea what the other cars are.

They truly are quality photo's (like top one) by Tom Loeser, plus it has some facts and figures of the cars, so is informative also. You NEED at least 1 of these, maybe more? If sent to you on their own separate, it's $3.99 to the US48 for 1, other area's contact us with your ship to location and we will get you a shipping price. OR it can just be put in with a car being shipped!  These are here in stock now.