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1971 Charger R/T - Hemi Orange with Sunroof (MCACN Replica)

Price: $89.95
  • Model: AMM1148
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#AMM1148 - expected September (photo's added 4/19/18) is a Hemi Orange '71 Dodge Charger RT that was in the MCACN car show in 2016. Here is a photo of the real one.

This features correct style scissors hinges for the opening hood, to help show off the fully wired and plumbed 426 Hemi engine.

It also has opening doors to the very detailed interior.

It is be optioned just like the real one, right down to the body color bumpers and the license plate.

Made by AutoWorld, this cool Mopar comes in MCACN theme packaging, including photo's on the back of the box of the real car.  At this time you can Pre-Order this car with FREE shipping (to US48) if reserved in advance. A $3 handling charge (for packaging materials) will apply to all single or multi-car shipments. All Pre-Orders wherever they ship to, do help the products to get made, so we truly do appreciate them. We research what is new and going to be offered, find these real car photo's, and truly would appreciate you order here where you find out this information. No credit cards are charged until the cars are shipping, and these are expected here in September.

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Saturday 15 September, 2018.