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We're Car Guys!

Real car from the Supercar Rides Series

We like real cars, and 1:18 toy cars. Some of our employees real cars, are now 1:18 replica toy cars.

Real car from the Supercar Rides Series

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Super Car Rides Series

Welcome to 1:18 DIE CAST at

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Delivery on Order for future delivery items subject to change. To see ALL items we handle - click 1:18 Showroom above!! 

WE CURRENTLY HAVE many Older & Harder to find cars! Check them out & we are adding more Mon-Fri! Click here!

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ANNOUNCING our new Limited Edition YENKO! Click Photo!

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NEW '40 Willys Gasser Click below photo! Or Mr Norm


Consider getting our New Barracuda's - Click Photo Below! 

Then the NICEST 1:18 MOPAR Drag Cars ever made?

Any interest in Drag Boats? Click the below photo!

Limited Editions of  just 252 made - Click below!

Do you know we offer DISPLAY CASES? Click HERE!

NEW "LINKS" always added!

3/26/15 Few Updated Dates & New Photo's added

03/17/15 Few (soon) Delivery DATES Updates added!

3/10/15 Here are 15 NEW 1:18 CARS Announced by AutoWorld. We here located these photo's for YOU to see, and would appreciate your ordering the ones you want here - where you learn of these new items. Many thanks! Now click HERE!

2/23/15 GreenLight Must/GTX's/Cam's Updated!

2/16/17 FEW New Car/Samples/Photos added!

2/04/15 NEWER "FF7" Daytona Photo's added!

Do you go to CAR SHOWS? Then check out the 1st link below, and feel free to add events if you wish. It's not our site, but we use it a lot.


Again, for ALL items we handle click 1:18 Showroom 

Supercar Collectibles

11760 Justen Circle Unit E
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Phone: (763) 425-6020
Mon-Thurs: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 1:00pm
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All Cars 1:18 Scale

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Super Car Collectibles replica car

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