1965 Belvedere AWB TEST MULE HARDTOP (Supercar LE)

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#50788 - IN STOCK in 1:18 scale is the ORIGINAL 1965 Plymouth AWB TEST MULE! A replica right down to the narrow wheels & tires, of the only "in house" built AFX drag car by Chrysler themselves. This is historic as it get's - the actual 1st one designed and built by the special factory team of engineers, and not built by Ablewagon, the aftermarket company that later did the other 6 cars. It's the plain white, narrow tire, altered wheelbase "TEST MULE" car, as shown below in some rare photo's of the "real" test car, as it was in process of being built.


This 1:18 scale die cast car replicates that very 1st one Chrysler built themselves. HISTORY: Back in 1965 only six total "real" hardtops were built like this (with instruction by Chrysler) but this one was built by Chrysler employees. Then five more were built later "off site" by a company that did ambulance conversions, and this is how the other 6 cars were provided to a few select drivers to run as A/FX class drag cars. This one is replicating that very historic car, right down to the stock wheels, and narrow tires, just like the racers really received them. 

Power for this 1:18 scale version comes from a race ready carburated 426 Cross Ram Hemi, detailed with spark plug wires, fuel lines, fuel filters, coil, coil wire, so it's fully wired and plumbed. Even has the single master cylinder, with a real metal brake line exiting. The Hemi is then backed by a TorqueFlite transmission, and it has an actual rotating driveshaft, going to an 8 3/4 rear end complete with the U-bolts holding it in, and real metal leaf springs! Also has the moved forward K-member, the chassis/rear end moved & modified, and the moved forward gas tank. This one is a real original part of Mopar drag racing history, and no more than 996 of these replica's made for Supercar Collectibles as a Limited Edition. 


It also has a lift off hood held on by real metal hood pins, and you pull the pins out to get the hood off. But don't worry, as some extra ones do come with each car. Below is a photo of the single seat race interior with column mounted automatic, correct RN12D (reverse valve body) shift pattern, real cloth lap belts, buckles, and the window handles are removed, again just like the real car. The door handles are still in place.

We can happily say the super detailed "TEST MULE" replica is issue #1 in this AWB Series, and they are now here in stock. Less than 30 left now. If you're new to our secure web site simply Log-In/Register via our home page to order online 24 hours a day, or you can call us during the day MON-FRI days at (763)425-6020.

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