1971 Lincoln Modified as " The Car " Movie Car (re-issue)!

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#AWSS120 - IN STOCK in 1:18 scale is what is known as THE CAR, created by George Barris for the movie of the same name

Here is a closer photo of under the hood...

From the movie... Near the small desert town of Santa Ynez, a mysterious black car runs down two teenage bicyclers en route to camp, then it hit-and-runs a hitchhiker with local Amos Clements as witness. Sheriff Everett puts his men on alert and... A replica of THE CAR was originally made by RC2/Ertl back in 2003, and is a highly modified 1971 Lincoln Continental. Now a new one, for those who missed out on it the first time!

NOTE: Recently some of the original release ones have sold on ebay for $150 to $225, but now you will be able to get this collectible movie car at a truly great price. This cool movie car is here in stock, and ready to ship to you now.

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