1969 Mustang Boss 429, Silver Jade - 1 of 1 - Supercar Exclusive

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#A1801859SC - In Stock - (updated with actual finished product photos 3/7/22) in 1/18 scale is this 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 in Silver Jade. This is our very first exclusive car to be made for Supercar Collectibles since buying the business from Jim & Scott! This will be made by ACME using the Highway 61 Boss 429 tooling and will be very well detailed throughout. I have updated the photos of the Boss 429 and it looks great! Check out the pictures for yourself. There will only be 429 made in this limited release and I hope you enjoy the story behind it as much as I do.

Many of you already know how the Boss 429 came to be, but for those that don’t here you go. The Boss 429 engine was Ford’s solution to the Hemi powered cars that were dominating NASCAR. For the engine to be used in NASCAR, it had to be used on the streets also and what better candidate than the Mustang?

For those of you familiar with 1969 Boss 429’s will say that Silver Jade wasn’t a paint color choice for any Boss 429, and you’re right. This Boss should have been painted Raven Black, but an error was made at the factory in Dearborn and it ended up being painted Silver Jade. The Mustang spent the rest of the 1969 model year at Kar Kraft since Ford wasn’t sure what to do with this unusual Boss. In the 1970 model year the car was offered up for sale to dealers and that’s how this Mustang made its way to Denver. There it was sold a new prior model year car to one very lucky customer.

It’s unclear how long this car was owned by the original owner, but the second owner of our Boss was a local drag racer and he wasn’t sold on the paint color, so he re-painted it Red. From what I have learned the car never made it to the track and the body had not been modified. It remained parked in his yard for a while until being tracked down by a Boss & Shelby Mustang expert. The VIN was verified and this was truly the same 1 of 1 car he was looking for. It took some horse trading to make the purchase happen, but in the end this 1 of 1 car was headed to a new home. After owning the car for a number of years it was sold to a new owner in Kansas. After purchasing this rare car the decision was made to restore it and that is where we are at today. It’s unclear as to when the Boss will be complete, but we are all waiting with anticipation.

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