1970 Dodge D300 Ramp Truck - Sox & Martin (Supercar LE)

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#1801902 (READ ALL) these are shipping now (week of Jan 18) to all collectors that pre-ordered them. More are expected in May, as there was a packaging issue with some of them, and the factory is making more trucks for us. At least this gives you a chance to get one if you didn't aleady order it. This is a 1:18 scale 1970 Dodge D300 ramp truck in Red-White-Blue as a tribute to the Sox & Martin race team. Ronnie & Buddy had many different trucks over the years, and this is what we could come up with as a tribute to them. These are a die cast body made as a closed model (no opening features) but it does have posable front wheels, the ramps "slide in" to the back area of ramp, has a detailed chassis with dual rear wheels, and comes with moveable wheel chocks to hold different size cars on the back. It measures 16.75" long and it 4.25" wide, so are a rather large item. Made by ACME for Supercar Collectibles you know they are a nice MOPAR item to display with a cool car on it. You may reserve this now with free shipping to the US48 (just a $3 handling charge for the box & packing materials) if Pre-Ordered before they get here - or when they arrive it is $19.95 s&h (1-2 trucks) or $29.95 s&h (3-4), and always to Canada it's $49.95 s&h (1) or $64.95 s&h (2). These are expected to be here again sometime near the end of May 2021. We do reserve the right to limit quantities.

This product is expected to be in stock approximately Friday 28 May, 2021.

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