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#CT664 - expected January is the Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick BOOK; Arnie was called "the consummate underdog" by Hot Rod magazine. Born a third-generation farmer in Illinois, Arnie Beswick's driving career began not behind the wheel of a straight-line terror - but on a tractor. Yet Arnie's reputation grew with street cars, as the "flying farmer" was coined to describe his driving style. When drag racing began in the Midwest in the early 1950s, Arnie was one of the pioneers who campaigned Dodges and Oldsmobiles. In 1960, he purchased his first Pontiac and never looked back. At the beginning he didn't like the "farmer" nickname, but he quickly learned to utilize the name to lull his competition into complacency. After all, what could a simple farmer know of the world of high-performance drag racing? Ha! Arnie was an innovator, fierce competitor, entertainer, and showman, who always gave fans their money's worth at the track. He has always been a fan favorite for this reason, and he continues to exhilarate fans at the track with his cast of potent Pontiacs. This 176 page softcover book is expected in January, with 450 photo's! You can reserve this now, with no credit cards charged until they ship. Want one?

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