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We're Car Guys!

Real car from the Supercar Rides Series

We like real cars, and 1:18 toy cars. Some of our employees real cars, are now 1:18 replica toy cars.

Real car from the Supercar Rides Series

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Super Car Rides Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do prices range from $20.00 to up in the $100s?

Answer: Just like in real cars, it depends on how many were made, how long ago they were made, and how popular they are. It boils down to - the harder they are to get, the more expensive they get. We do try to find as many of the older, harder to get cars when we can. Some cars we have 100s of, some we only have 1 or 2 of.

When do you charge my credit card?

Answer: We do not charge your credit card until the shipping process has started. Sometimes it may be 2-3 days prior to the car leaving here, but usually right on the day we ship them.

How many cars do you stock?

Answer: We stock Regular Issues, Limited Runs, Limited Edition, and old-discontinued cars. Over 600+ different ones.

Can I come and pick up my order?

Answer: We are a mail order business, and do not have a customer pick-up area. We ship via UPS Monday through Friday and we use Priority Mail for out of country orders.

Can you HOLD some cars for me until “everything” is in stock?

Answer: We do try to ship as many cars as possible together in one shipment, to save on the shipping charges. However if you request a car to be held, and we have very few of them, we cannot guarantee we will have it when the car we are waiting for comes in. We’ll do the best we can, yet sometimes if just “one left” you should have it shipped right away.

How much is shipping?

Answer: On every shopping cart page there is a shipping info box at the top. Just click there and it will have detailed shipping information.

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Super Car Collectibles replica car

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